Complete TENS Package

No More Aches & Pains

A complete wireless tens unit package with dry electrodes and a wireless app. No more sticky electrode pad, no more cords.  You can now exercise or play your favorite sport without being confined to a wire powered unit.

Now available as a Wrist or Knee Sleeve. KinAptic TENS will help ease the pain providing a non-opioid solution to your therapeutic needs. Buy a kit today and get on the road to relief.

(within the United States)

How TENS Therapy Works

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a low intensity electrical stimulation that interrupts the pain gate cycle.

This system produces a gentle tingling sensation on the skin to stimulate the underlying nerves. The user controls the amount of electrical current until the tingling sensation mixes with the pain sensation and produces a pleasant substitute for pain. The Kinaptic TENS Therapy System is simple to use for reliable, long lasting comfort. Dry electrodes and a mobile wireless APP enabled electronics control the TENS signals. Simply slide the wrist or knee sleeve over the affected area, initialize the device and dial in your comfort settings.

TENS Therapy Features

Pain Management within a Tap of your fingertips.


Clinically Proven

The Kinaptic treatment system uses an FDA cleared TENS unit to deliver doctor recommended, clinically proven, electrical current providing long lasting, localized comfort. Doctors prescribe TENS treatment as a clinically proven therapy that relieves chronic pain, and provides muscle stimulation for pre and post surgical rehabilitation, osteoarthritis, post stroke recovery and more.

Wireless App Controlled

A convenient downloadable app controlled device makes it easy to use without having to rely on wires. No more being confined by wires when you want to go about your day-to-day. The Kinaptic APP allows users to control a variety of TENS settings including setting up personalized therapy profiles and logging treatment activity.

Drug Free

Based on the time tested, clinically proven TENS technology, the Kinaptic treatment system provides soothing muscle and nerve stimulation. TENS therapy is used worldwide by physical therapists for the drug-free, non-opioid, treatment of pain and mobility ailments.

24 Hour Relief

TENS provides long lasting therapeutic relief that provides muscle stimulation for pre and post surgical rehabilitation, osteoarthritis, post stroke recovery and more. Many Kinaptic TENS Therapy users have reported long-lasting comfort.

About Us

Kinaptic is is an emerging growth, technology-based company engaged in the development of a haptic/human machine interface (HHMI) technology.

The Kinaptic HHMI technology empowers clothing and other wearable garments with the capability to “detect, analyze and apply” the naturally occurring electrical signals of the human body. This technology has applications in the nascent Wearable and IoT (Internet of Things), educational, entertainment, gaming, remote unmanned vehicle control, medical and military market